CEO Message

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are proud to represent our country-Turkey in more than 50 countries in 4 continents around the world. We continue to achieve exemplary successes with our understanding of sustainable and innovative production, guided by our deep-rooted experience and human values.

As Pakun, we have become one of the companies that least felt the effects of the global crisis environment created by the global climate problems, the increase in raw material, energy prices and the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. Thanks to our agile, flexible and innovative management approach, we continue to grow by contributing to our production, our exports and employment.

By adding an additional facility in Tekirdağ/Çorlu, we aim to increase our daily flour processing capacity to 1500 tons. With our 3 facilities and our wide product range in Tekirdağ and Samsun, we continue to serve Turkey and the world in the light of new technologies.

We know that the driving force behind all these financial successes is the result of the value we place on people, land and labor. In this context, we take care to make our investments more sustainable and to play a leading role in activities aimed at protecting democracy, human rights and environmental awareness.

As a part of our core values ​​of humility, respect for people and closeness to the public, we consider acting with social responsibility awareness as one of the basic and unchangeable elements of our management approach.

We are proud to be the 1st flour company in Turkey that becomes a member of the United Nations’ Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Unit in order to create an ecosystem where women can participate in the workforce on equal terms. As one of the world companies that signed the contract, we are committed to take all necessary steps on gender equality and to reflect our awareness in our discourses and in all areas of our internal and external communication.

We aim to increase our productivity with the least mistakes, from design to production, from order to delivery, by using technology with a production approach that supports the circular economy.

We are working hard to create a comprehensive model that will make it easier for farmers to combat climate change by supporting sustainable agricultural policies with the practices we will implement in the coming period.

We fulfill our responsibility for a sustainable future with the projects we produce in the fields of Empowering Women at Work, A World Without Waste, Recycling of Water, Social Responsibility and Contribution to Society.

As Pakun, we believe that our goals can only be achieved with the passion and commitment of our employees, who are our most important value. With this understanding, we work to strengthen a corporate culture that is open to innovations, where our employees can fully use their talents and competencies.

As part of Pakun’s social responsibility awareness, we provide flour support to soup kitchens every year, donate saplings to forests all over Turkey, and provide scholarship support so that our children can step into the future with confidence.

We continue our work in the axis of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In the light of our philosophy of sensitivity towards the world, we started our SPP investments in Demirci district of Manisa province and Kalecik district of Ankara province. We will provide an annual energy production of 13,300,000,00 kWh in two sites. With this exemplary investment, we will both meet the energy needs of our factories and take an important step towards a clean and renewable future.

We also produce exemplary projects in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. In a recent study, we were among Turkey’s ’80 Most Charitable Companies’. With the awareness projects we carry out, we continue our support in the fields of food, culture, environment, education and sports in the light of the philosophy of “Together We are Stronger”.

With our unlimited imagination, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, belief in science and technology, and innovative understanding that make us who we are, we are taking firm steps forward in line with the goal of being a global company that shapes the world of today and the future.


4 export continent

50+ export country

Ertan Özgen