About Us

As Pakun, Turkey’s deep-rooted, innovative, local and national flour brand, we started our business life with the first flour mill established in Samsun Bafra in 1973. We are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary in the industry today under the leadership of our Chairman of the Board and our father, Niyazi Durgun. As Pakun, we accelerated our activities in Çorlu, Tekirdağ by incorporating Başak Gıda as the second production facility as of 2017, in addition to our headquarters in Samsun Bafra.

We are a brand that produces and exports at world standards with our 328 thousand tons of annual wheat crushing capacity in our factories in Bafra and Çorlu. We will proudly fly our flag in the world flour industry by increasing our annual wheat crushing capacity to 550 thousand tons with our third facility, which will come into operation at the end of 2023.

As Pakun, we offer high quality wheat flour to both domestic and world markets by importing quality wheat that we carefully select from international markets, especially from Russia and Ukraine.

With our wide product range, we supply high quality wheat flour to the industrial and retail markets of more than 40 countries in 3 continents.
Our exports, which were 49 thousand tons in 2021, reached 92 thousand tons in 2022. We achieved a significant success with an increase of 88 percent in exports. Our aim is to exceed these figures in 2023 and carry our flag to a higher level in the world flour industry.


As Pakun we are advancing with the understanding of corporate governance, sustainability, people-oriented approach, fair rights in the workplace and freight transportation costs, as well as customer satisfaction and social responsibility in international standards.
We create value for all our stakeholders and our future with high quality standards, certifications, sustainability and innovation investments.


As Pakun we adopt to be equal, innovative, transparent, fair and accountable in all our internal and external relations. By contributing to the protection of the climate and the environment, we are a role model both for our ecosystem and for other companies and organizations. As the first Turkish flour company to become a member of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Platform, we aim to increase the number of our female employees at all levels and to ensure that they take part in business life with equal rights and opportunities. We continue our efforts to be the most innovative company in Turkey’s flour field by closely following global practices.

Our International Values

As a trusted exporter, supplier and distributor since 1973, Pakun buys, sells and delivers high quality wheat from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.

Both high-tech factories was built on strategic locations close to Samsun’s and Tekirdağ’s ports. By managing the supply chain and maintaining close relationships with growers Pakun aims to ensure that all products are consistent, reliable and high quality.

Pakun can provide a guaranteed service to our consumers by accurately managing the quality, quantity and safe delivery of our products. Therefore we are regularly forging relationships with new companies as a result of referrals from satisfied customers.

As Pakun we connect our consumers to sustainable, traceable and quality controlled wheats from a global network of producers.

Pakun intends to make every effort to provide our customers with best possible options. Our customers can have confidence that they will receive exactly what they asked for, delivered as they want it, when they need it.

Our Core Values

Trust, strong ethical business principles, corporate governance, compliance with laws, rules and regulations at all times, commitment to all our stakeholders and long-term partnerships are the founding pillars of our business.

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